Environmental Consultancy

The Commercial Property Network aim to underpin not undermine asset values and to build intellectual capital for all types of real estate.

Acting nationally, we provide cost effective professionally benchmarked solutions to environmental matters. RICS professional guidance makes it clear that:

“Data warehouses have emerged to provide an online service or a service where an environmental report can be procured in a few days. Such services have become commoditised as a result. The data varies between suppliers and the methodology used does not necessarily enable a chartered surveyor to fully address and satisfy the requirements of the Red Book. Furthermore, statements, often unsigned and unattributed, may be made in these reports about the impacts on valuation. The terms and conditions may mean that the chartered surveyor, their client and other stakeholders may not be able to rely on them. The chartered surveyor is urged to treat such reports with care if they do not fully support the valuation service offered.”

Within the discipline of Environmental Consultancy, The Commercial Property Network offers:

• A nationwide service
• Across all asset classes
• Dealing with all environmental constraints-historic land use, flooding and more
• Cost effective solutions not problems
• Certainty
• Added value

National Service Leader

Philip Wilbourn


Philip Wilbourn, Director of Wilbourn & Co, is also the national lead for The Commercial Property Network's Environmental Consultancy services. With extensive experience in commercial property, Philip is expertly positioned to provide clients with a national overview of Environmental Consultancy. Alternatively, if you would like to contact one of our local member firms, please select a firm from the list below by region.
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