Fuse Media have a “Connected Buildings” service which is specifically designed to make properties more appealing by addressing the concerns and digital requirements of the modern tenant, creating a “Plug and Play” building. We can provide high-speed connectivity within 24 hours, by integrating smart technology within single and multi-tenanted buildings. From day one of their tenancy, tenants can simply move in, switch their devices on and be productive with their day. As well as office space, Fuse Media also provides secure, high speed Wi-Fi networks for shopping centers and public spaces. Shops and visitors are offered a professional, safe, and secure online experience via a portal presented in line with any existing marketing. We are also able to offer visitor insight reports showing footfall trend insights.

The Fuse Media business rates mitigation service involves the occupation of an empty commercial property for a period of 6 weeks. Through the power of Wi-Fi technology, Fuse’s intermittent occupation service presents a dynamic and innovative approach to business rates mitigation and stands as a prime example of leveraging technology for mitigation, maximizing the potential of intermittent occupancy. Business rates typically amount to roughly 50% of the annual rent of the property, so can be considered one of the biggest overhead costs. By thinking outside the box, businesses can find creative ways to make the most of their vacant properties and mitigate costs. Since 2016, Fuse have saved over £11.5 million pounds on business rates for commercial property owners nationwide, holding a 100% success rate with over 200 local authorities.


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