The CPN meets SIOR

The CPN’s Business Development Group, Carl Bradley, talks with Matthew Leguen de Lacroix, SIOR, FRICS, who is SIOR’s Head of Business Development, EMEA.

Chair of The CPN’s Business Development Group, Carl Bradley, talks with Matthew Leguen de Lacroix, SIOR, FRICS, who is SIOR’s Head of Business Development, EMEA, who is with us for The CPN’s Annual Conference.

Headquartered in the United States, SIOR, the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors today is proudly comprised of over 3,900 members across 49 countries and is growing at a rapid pace.

SIOR has just joined The CPN as a Network Partner and are sponsor of the annual Cocktail Party.

Carl: Top level, what is SIOR?

Matthew: SIOR is a highly respected designation given to industrial and office leaders who demonstrate excellence in their markets and meet our membership criteria. Qualifications include advanced education, peer endorsement, and tenure. Formed in the U.S. and growing abroad, SIOR members are often regarded as the top performing practitioners in the fields, and who place a premium on ethics and integrity.

Carl: What is your interest in The Commercial Property Network?

Matthew:  SIOR recognises The CPN as consisting of highly experienced commercial property firms which span the UK. Within these firms, in-house expertise will ensure that The CPN’s brokers / agents are at the top of their game, offering unrivalled local expertise to clients whilst adhering to a strict code of conduct and strong ethical foundation. SIOR is already fortunate enough to count a number of its designee members within The CPN firms – including the incumbent President – but we are eager to welcome more to the fold and to expand our coverage of members across the United Kingdom.

Carl: Are the two brands not competing with each other?

Matthew: No, I think that they complement each other. SIOR is a personal designation, a qualification, similar to that offered by RICS or CCIM, not a network of member firms. SIOR is a global network of like-minded, individual professionals looking to do business with each other. We recruit new members to the organisation thanks to the international recognition that our members gain. Our members are free to do business with all property professionals; SIOR simply identifies those professionals across Europe, the USA and the rest of the globe.

Carl: How can someone connect with the SIOR community?

Matthew: Our 2024 conferences will include two events in the U.S. and our international event in Berlin in July. We also have our highly successful London Lunch Series. Our European members are particularly active and energised to do business on both sides of the Atlantic. Throughout the year, the SIOR European Chapter regularly hold business generation events in major capitals (Dublin, Ljubljana, Paris, Milan …) where members and industry partners gather for their “Mind Your Own Business” meetings. All global events are located on our website at: and those within Europe on the SIOR European Chapter website,

SIOR conferences always start with the quality of the people and the close relationships built over the years. It’s here that we exchange meaningful, thought-provoking discussions on our industry and ultimately, how we do more business.

Carl:  Any closing comments you can share about SIOR and the industry?

Matthew: The brokers at the top of this field are maintaining a focus on reinvention and challenging the status quo. I would ask yourself: Where am I finding the right events, people, and related culture on a global level that aspire to achieve best-in-class work and question prevailing thinking? Stay focused on the future and your place in it — and never hesitate to invest in quality continued education and networking initiatives that will keep