PAI becomes The Commercial Property Network

A new brand and a fresh vision for the future

You may have already noticed, we’ve been going through some changes, a fresh start if you like.

We began life over 50 years ago as Property Agents International, that title was remodelled, and we became Property Agents Independent. Now, in 2022, it’s time not only for a new name but a new way of representing ourselves, a way that shows just how much we have evolved and that we are as relevant today as we were all those years ago. We are The Commercial Property Network.

The idea that underpins our new brand was developed by The Carbon Group, who identified that our key strength lies in our ability to unite multiple independent agencies and form a collective DNA of knowledge and services in the UK. From this concept, we developed our new double helix logo with its harlequin colours that represent each of our brands.

So, what’s in a name? Does a logo really mean anything? We believe so. This rebrand is a means by which The Commercial Property Network recognises its long and rich history, but also communicates its modern, relevant, and forward-thinking outlook, which is stronger than ever.

Proof of the impact of these changes will be seen in the actions of our potential clients. Will they continue to move away from big institutions in favour of a more agile and entrepreneurial organisation? The signs are promising, and we are excited about the future, yours and ours.