Navigating Through Uncertainty: Cambridge’s Business Space Market in 2023

As we reflect on the past year, it’s evident that the Cambridge business space market has weathered a storm of challenges, ranging from rising inflation and global uncertainties to dwindling business confidence and stringent fundraising conditions. These hurdles have particularly impacted the early-stage companies that are a staple in our city’s economic fabric. Yet, despite these adversities, the continued vibrancy and activity within the market stand as a testament to Cambridge’s unwavering strength and resilience.

In our annual review, we delve into the nuances of this dynamic landscape, examining how these broader economic and societal shifts have shaped our local markets. The lab market, for instance, has shown remarkable robustness, buoyed by a significant influx of new supply. This has been a boon for the sector, reinforcing Cambridge’s reputation as a crucible for scientific innovation and research.

Similarly, the industrial market has maintained its momentum, particularly emphasising new build spaces catering to ‘techbox’ occupiers. These developments underscore the evolving needs of technology-driven enterprises and their pivotal role in our local economy.

The office sector, however, presents a more nuanced picture. The increased availability of second-hand space directly reflects the ongoing reassessment of office use in the post-COVID era, coupled with the broader economic challenges. This shift underscores the need for adaptability and innovation in conceptualising and utilising workspace in a changing world.

Our comprehensive report charts the trajectories of these key sectors and offers insights into the strategies that businesses and investors can employ to navigate this complex environment. It’s a reflection of our commitment to providing in-depth analysis and thought leadership in the Cambridge business space market.

As we move forward, the lessons from the past year will undoubtedly shape our approach to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In the face of uncertainty, our collective resilience, adaptability, and innovative spirit will continue to drive the growth and prosperity of our local economy.

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Philip Woolner

Joint Managing Director, Cheffins