CPN’s Investment Panel is helping agents delight their investment clients

The commercial property market is one of the main vehicles for generating high annual returns on capital alongside other forms of investment including the stock market and gilts. Any decision to invest must be informed by top-quality, reliable advice from experienced professionals.

The Commercial Property Network (CPN) is made up of 30 independent practices across the UK and ensures that expert advice is given on all property assets, wherever they are located.

For over 20 years The CPN has provided targeted advice through its Investment Panel, chaired by longstanding CPN member, Tim Bradford from Banks Long & Co.

The CPN Investment Panel meet monthly to discuss market trends, share anecdotal market indicators from across the UK and regularly update where rents and, more importantly, yields are tracking. This enables CPN members to provide the best advice possible to their investment clients, whether they are small single-property investment owners or large institutional funds.

Within The CPN you can always find a member who will provide up-to-date market knowledge for any UK location. A location’s performance can be influenced by many factors such as competing developments and changes in planning and highway policies. These shifts in performance, no matter how big or small can significantly affect property investments. The CPN Investment Panel provides investors of all types with valuable local knowledge that is backed up by a national network.

The CPN also works to share desirable investment products amongst its members. The Investment Panel have a range of investor clients who seek opportunities to acquire property investment products that don’t often reach the open market. To date, The CPN Investment Panel have concluded deals worth multiple millions of pounds.

To sum up, The CPN Investment Panel collaborates closely on a regular basis, provides up-to-date reliable market data across all regions of the UK, reassures and guides investors where the asset is affected by wide-ranging influencing factors and facilitates a 30-strong network of agents keen to transact deals, which provide top-quality investment products to investors nationwide.

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