Environmental Surveying Services

“From 2022, we will incorporate supervision of climate-related financial risks into our core supervisory approach,” Bank of England 12th January 2022.

The CPN is a forward-thinking organisation that recognises the importance of being a responsible environmental player. Effective environmental management is a crucial part of asset management to maintain and maximise value.

The impacts brought by climate change can undermine asset value. It is critical that all stakeholders understand what these impacts are. The only way to ensure this is with high-level due diligence. 

Several of the CPN’s own members have a direct input into the global guidance that sets out the standards of environmental due diligence for RICS. These members act on behalf of global businesses and pension funds both large and small all over the UK and Europe. 

The CPN understands that environmental issues are an integral part of valuation and its reasoning and offers its members valuable resources and local knowledge that empowers them to clearly articulate these issues. 

The CPN provides specialist advice on environmental issues such as regeneration and development, strategic disposals and acquisitions.

Property consultants can rely on The CPN for expert advice to meet the demand for higher levels of due diligence in the sale and transfer of all forms of real estate.