Top Three Reasons to become a Member of The Commercial Property Network

I’ve been a member of The CPN for over 20 years and the benefits it brings are endless and of great value to both myself and my clients. Here, I’m going to share with you my top three reasons to become a CPN member.

  1.     Networking  

CPN provides a space to interact with like-minded individuals and professionals. Be it CPD sessions, city visits or social occasions, there are always opportunities to share ideas and best practices and discuss current industry challenges. 

Knowledge is power and our regular, often frank, discussions about market conditions and trends enable me to give quality advice to my clients. These important conversations add value to my business and empower us to offer the best service possible to our clients.

  1.     Partnerships  

CPN membership opens a wider marketplace that allows us to expand our business.  Our main area of focus is the Humber region, but we have clients with assets in other locations not so familiar to us. As CPN members we can reach out to trusted professionals throughout the UK for help and guidance when we need it.

We have the option of introducing our clients to other members who will take them on and guide them properly and professionally. Even with properties on our own patch, it is useful to reach out to the wider CPN membership to sense-check a difficult issue or seek specialist support and advice. 

Over the years I’ve also been able to help other members with joint agency instructions where they have had clients with properties in our area.  There is always a job on the go with a CPN connection, either by way of a joint agency or transacting with another member’s client. 

  1.     Collaboration

A stand-out CPN moment for me came at the end of last year when I completed the sale of the former Goals Soccer Centre site in Hull. A big win that was made possible by the fact that I was able to partner with two other CPN member firms. Together we navigated challenging situations including Goals going into administration and potential land contamination. The collaboration, specialist knowledge and team ethos adopted by the CPN members ensured that the client received the best advice throughout the sales process and achieved the best outcome possible.

Being a CPN member has and will continue to benefit my personal development, the growth of my business and most importantly, the outcomes for my clients. I look forward to being part of the CPN family for many years to come.