📢 Exciting Announcement for The CPN Annual Conference

We are thrilled to reveal our keynote speaker for this year’s The CPN Annual Conference: David Smith, the Economic Editor of The Sunday Times.

With his finger always on the pulse of the economic landscape, David brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the UK commercial property market. This is an invaluable opportunity for all attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities facing our industry.

Come prepared to be enlightened, inspired, and equipped to navigate the ever-evolving commercial property landscape.

The CPN Winter Conference and Cocktail Party takes place on the 16th of November 2023, at the Lansdowne Club, Mayfair, London. Attended by all 32 Network member firms from across the country as well as the Network Partners, this is arguably the most important date in the UK commercial property calendar.

Want to be there? Contact your local member and ask very politely, it’s worth a try! https://thecpn.co.uk/firms/   

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